it's time for our 10-year health check...


we will be off air for some time while we redevelop the site into one that will be relevant for the next ten years.

the new site will be different...

meanwhile, you can find all the stories we published here, and more, at

What's Next for the Web of Hope?

We're going back to basics...

There's plenty going on at planet Earth. Most of it (let's be honest) through humankind's agency. You may disagree with any one aspect of this, but when the impact of all our activity is added together it's a no-brainer. We've put the sustainability-only track at

The Web of Hope is returning as a permeable, emergent, multifaceted, tensegral community of inspiration, ideas and actions that forsee, envisage, paint, sing and dance the new world into reality. Be a part of it. Contact us now.

There is a myth that 'hope' is passive, yielding, pious and fatalistic. That's a description of hopelessness.

We're going back to basics...'s over to you.


If you are an artist, thinker, technologist, futurologist, student, academic, policymaker, journalist, blogger, wise old person, callow youth - or somewhere in between - if you are interested in developing ways to help make a better world, do get in touch. This is your project.